Tree of Knowledge, 2019 
H220 x L100 x W80cm

B.I.G, 2019 
H200 x L50 x W80cm

She Rocks, 2019

Sand Demolition, 2020

Sand Transformation, 2020

Sand Crushing, 2020

Sand Building, 2020

Motion Séquelle, 2020

Facing the Imaginary, 2021

La Pierre de Folie, 2020
H30 x W15 x D15cm

Invisible Materiality installation, 2017

Mystery of the Path, 2021
H25 x W36 x D25.5cm

Broken Tree, 2021
H22 x W32 x D22cm

Silver Parrot Tulip, 2020 
H450 x D130øcm

The Engineer, 2020

The Architect, 2020

The Exctractor, 2020

Tomorrow I'll Do It, 2019
H210 x L45 x W65cm

Landscape Rebound, 2020
H26 x W41 x D30cm

Puffin Fuligineux, 2020
H70 x W49 x D28 cm

Two Friends Looking at the Horizon, 2021 H22 x W28.5 x D18cm

Frozen Nature, 2021
H30.5 x W32 x D22cm

Point Break, 2020
H23 x W35 x D28cm

Car Crash, 2020
H200 x W80 x D50cm

Growing Cave, 2020
H15.5 x W27 x D20cm

Fantasy Nature, 2019
H29 x W35 x D35cm


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